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Safe, engaging, and a blast to ride, the Weehoo i•GO, i•GO 2, and i•Go Venture bicycle trailers are the new benchmark for bicycle trailers. The balanced, streamlined design of the i•GO bicycle trailer gives you the ability to share your riding style with your children. This exciting approach to family riding allows children to ride, eat, sleep, or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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ENGAGING: The unique, active experience of Weehoo i•GO bicycle trailers makes for meltdown-free rides. Finally, parents can take their children on their style of ride without stopping every five minutes to tend to bored, unhappy children. Go for just one mile or for 2,000 miles, like one happy West Coast family did last summer. Either way, the kids will be able to eat, sleep, pedal, or just sit back and enjoy the ride.
EASY TO CONTROL:Riding is easy with the patented, self-aligning hitch and single wheel design. There’s no risk of the bicycle trailer tipping over or the child slipping off while riding.
SAFE: The three-point seat harness and straps on the pedals keep kids secure.
EXERCISE: The i•GO is the only bicycle trailer that allows the child to be harnessed in the seat while getting great exercise.
ENGAGING: The unique, active experience makes for meltdown-free rides.
STORAGE: There’s plenty of storage in the Weehoo Bicycle Trailer panniers, seatback, and the sides of the seat.
LONG AGE RANGE: Fits kids from 2-9 years old.
DURABLE: The patented trailer is built to last.
ACCESSORIES: Optional enclosed canopy and cargo basket make a great trailer even better.

Bicycle Trailers by Weehoo give you unsurpassed quality for the entire family.


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Only Weehoo offers the patented iGo pedal trailer. Experience the joy of riding with your child. Explore and make every trip an adventure. Kids ride melt-down free for hours. Weehoo ships to Canada, shipping and duty free!