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iGo PRO by Weehoo

The Weehoo iGo Pro Bicycle Trailer gives you and your child an unsurpassed riding experience. The unique, active experience of Weehoo iGO bicycle trailers makes for meltdown-free rides. Finally, parents can take their children on their style of ride without stopping every five minutes to tend bored, unhappy children. Quality time on command.

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iGo Venture by Weehoo

The iGo Venture Bicycle Trailer is the ultimate in versatility. It features one seat and one cargo basket. The added cargo capacity is great for the backpack on your school commute, a grocery run, or a family picnic. The iGo already has lots of storage capacity in the seat pockets and panniers. Now, even better with the cargo basket.

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iGo Two by Weehoo

Ideal for two children with a combined weight of less than 100lbs. The rear seat is intended for the smaller child approximately under four. The front seat is intended for the larger child up to seven years old. With the rear seat removed, and riding with a single child, the iGo Two is perfect for one child up to 80lbs.

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Looking for Parts and Accessories?

 Visit our main shop for parts and accessories. Looking for new Flag set or Hitch Kit iGo Classic or Pedal set? We have it all. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Closeout and Sale Weeehoo parts. Please dont hesitate to contact us for any specific part and repair service. Ride Happy!


weehoo-storyWeehooooo!!! That’s the expression Stephen’s children made on the first ride in the Weehoo iGo bicycle trailer. And so the name was born.

Weehoo Inc. was founded in 2008 by Stephen Rodgers with sales beginning in 2010. It was during some family time in the mountains of Colorado that the idea first hit him. He was frustrated with the bicycle trailers at the time and that his children didn’t enjoy riding in them.

Coupling his experience in cycling and chemical engineering along with good old fashioned ingenuity, the first Weehoo sprang to life in his garage.

After that, the trails and paths didn’t stand the chance. Stephen and his kids couldn’t stop riding and exploring. Completely melt-down free, the kids were in love with the experience.

Four years after the first Weehoo was sold, kids in over 25 countries are enjoying the Weehoo experience saying Weehoooooo!!!




Prefer humans? Just call 866-297-6049 Prefer email? email us info@RideWeehoo.com In the meantime, here are manuals and instructional videos to help you.

Weehoo iGo Assembly Instruction Videos

Read and understand your instruction manual. These videos are intended to support your instruction manual.

  • – Weehoo Classic Manual
  • – Weehoo Owners Manual
  • – Cargo Basket Manual
  • – Canopy Manual
  • – weeGO Manual